Set up working groups as soon as possible, this makes the whole project work more efficiently and effectively. Giving a strong foundation.

6.1 Form a working group decide a coordinator and Create a time each working group meets.  Publicise the time and place and contact person / details.

6.2 Groups such as

    • 6.3 Admin – Legal – Accounts – council Liaison – paperwork – volunteer coordination – self organising systems – crew training. Inter working group co-ordination – income streams
    • 6.4 Events– booking timetable – fundraising
    • 6.5 Media and Messaging – Outreach Promotion marketing – networking – social and mainstream media -publicity
    • 6.6 Sustainability / environment – building in sustainability into all aspects of CEC working group operations. Eco ethics – providing centre groups with a list of eco friendly / sustainable providers / production links.
    • This working group formulates a plan for the gradual implementation of renewable energy supply to the whole building floor by floor. Wind, solar eg bike power , energy gym
  • 6.7 Art / Decor – art and design of project graphics and decor etc. Making a creative space with multi medium arts equipment within the centre to encourage creativity as a regenerative process for all project users of all ages.
  • 6.8 Tech – Website, social media, comms, cyber security, safeguarding digital assets, Free internet cafe set up using recycled computers.
  • 6.9 Regen – crew welfare /wellbeing – regenerative culture – weblink
  •  6.10 Catering – VEGAN Cafe/ Food and kitchen SUSTENANCE – income stream and promotion of vegan sustainable diet.( info and displays)
  • 6.11 Repairs and maintenance- Building assessment, compiles repairs list – structural, electrics, plumbing, HNS, Fire safety
  • 6.12 – Caretaking  – Volunteers who live in the building and keep project running and flowing

6.13 – Gardening / permaculture  and front of house, roof garden, window boxes. Local food production. Vertical farming.