“Creating Space for Community Solutions”

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We acknowledge there is work needed in many aspects of this evolving CEC Handbook. Many ideas are currently included with a view to selecting what works as we go. The Climate Emergency Centres (CEC) project has grown out of 30 years of grassroots environmental community centre projects, which began in 1992 after the Rio Earth Summit.

At this critical time for our planet what is needed is the spaces and the intelligent use of infrastructure to help people connect and gather resources to take action for a sustainable future. We aim to on board every local authority that has declared a Climate Emergency (330+ in the UK) to support your local community, to set up self funding climate emergency and community led solutions centres in every area.

These Centres will work to improve community resilience by supporting local mitigation and adaptation to the Climate Emergency.

Areas in which CEC groups are already setting up and operating:
London, Redbridge, Staines, Guildford, Manchester, Doncaster/Rotherham , Oxford/ Witney, Brighton, Lewes, Seaford, Hereford , Swansea, Exeter, Tiverton, Farnham,Sheffield, Bristol , Lincoln , Preston, Scarborough, Oswestry, Suffolk / Norfolk ………. – we can supply contacts for each group so people can link up to the CEC /Climate Emergency Alliance network