Now that you’ve established your group and your project brief outline -mission statement, you can make decisions about how you want to go about acquiring a space. Do you want to take immediate direct action / protest – liberate a space occupy / squat? Work with developers/the council? Work within existing social spaces? Rent? Aim to set up a coop or a Community Land Trust. Work towards buying a property for long term community use.

4.1 Get a map of your town and cycle around and map the empty buildings.

4.2 Contact the council and ask for their voids ( empty ) list and commercial property for rent list.

4.3 Find the owners of the property via The Land Registry records.You can get the details for a particular place at It costs £3 per place (with a credit or debit card)

4.4 How will you negotiate with the owners? Create a negotiation / proposal /project outline letter. Ring them after the letter to follow up and arrange a meeting, bring your project proposal brief. See if your group has any connections to property / landowners / developers / council – personal connections and building relationships lead to finding spaces faster than a cold call / letter.