A ) Principles and values

 Each CEC is asked to respect  the following 13 Principles and values

  1. To be welcoming and accessible to all –  a clearly illustrated decision making system’ – signposting how people can get involved and decisions are made.
  2. To work towards Sustainability in all aspects of running the center.
  3. Support Climate and Social justice : the fight for climate justice cannot be removed from the social and economic context. We support  social, environmental and economic justice for all Globally.   
  4. To actively uphold Human Rights and Earth Rights
  5. Vegetarian food  – it’s better for the planet.Simple.
  6. Transparency – open accounts.
  7. To work in a spirit of Mutual aid, support and cooperation.Building networks of autonomy within communities across the UK. With the awareness that Autonomy brings with it a RESPONSIBILITY to think FULLY about how your actions will affect those around you. People / groups make their own decisions but ALWAYS consider  the consequences for those around them.
  8. To support Direct / Participatory democracy – build  Future Democracy Hubs – TRUST THE PEOPLE
  9. People’s Assemblies
  10. To Create System Change – finding new ways to organise and work and live life -that values and supports all life on earth.
  11. To encourage Supportive / Regenerative culture -Wellbeing :  looking after ourselves, others and the Planet and all its inhabitants. Support Wellbeing , we are ALL crew.
  12. To operate a safer spaces policy.
  13. To recognise we are all Evolving and learning. All projects and communities  will have ups and downs , mistakes, learnings and evolutions, keep networking.

It can be explained in terms of ‘ it’s natural to make mistakes’ By allowing people to make mistakes, but by always using mistakes (whether they lead to conflict or unexpected outcomes) to learn and evolve. Be patient with each other and cultivate compassion.

NB Each group may want to define and discuss their own principles and values – they would like to add to this list every group has different needs and priorities.

B) Project brief / outline one-page of A4

The Vision – Who you are and what the CEC is for, What is it going to do , Where will it be  and Why do we need it.

Get together in your group and brainstorm a vision of what you want for your CEC. Then create a 1 page of A4 brief leaflet, that can be shown to others. Eg:

We are a local group who want to set up a CEC. To do some of the following activities : eco community events, arts/ crafts, talks, workshops, meetings, cinema, library, fundraising projects. Because it is urgent that we ALL cooperate on solutions to the Climate Emergency. We require a space to meet and discuss, design and  innovate, incubate eco business start ups, and collaborate on sustainable futures. A transitional space to a more ecological, participatory and fairer future. The project is self funded from events, food and drink and space hire.

For further info Contact email/ tel.

C)  A brief outline of the purpose of your CEC, described on

Appendix  C of the handbook 2 page outline

D)  Developer / property owner letter Template :

Dear Ms/Mr X,


REF: Property at 3 High  St, Nowhereville, somewhereland


We are writing to you as a group of people looking to strengthen our community in the face of the Climate Emergency. We are planning to start a Climate Emergency Centre to bring everyone together to share skills, resources, and meet needs so we can support each other. We hope it will become a strong and vibrant heart of the community that provides us with a resilient and positive identity. We would like to discuss this with you in the hope that your property, above, can house the Project by use of a Meanwhile Lease in a manner that provides financial, civic, and reputational benefits for you.

Currently, our team represents and/or is connected with groups including [e.g. local repair cafe, transition town group, foodshare coop, local knitting circle etc]. We are also working with [Councillor X] who sits on the [local Borough/Town/County] Council and sits on the [Sustainability or whatever] Committee. He/She/They is supporting the Project and providing guidance and advice from the Council perspective in order to meet the local [‘Climate Action Plan targets set following declaration of Climate Emergency on x date- if this has happened].

The Project uses a business model that enables you to benefit from up to 80-100% Business Rates relief for the agreed period of the Lease, with a negotiated recompense to the Climate Emergency Centre to help fund the Project’s aims. In return we will care-take the property and provide onsite security, so reducing your overheads. You can find out more about the Climate Emergency Centre project, which aims to build local centres meeting community needs all over the UK, through this link- CEC Project- Brief Overview

We would like an opportunity to meet with you so we can discuss our plans in more detail, and hear from you regarding your plans for the building and how we may able to meet your needs during this period that it lies empty. Please contact [me via… phone/email etc].

I look forward to speaking with you

Yours sincerely

The CEC Team!


Also include from 2.2A  integrate into above paragraph

What kind of groups would be using it

What benefits the property owner can expect in return

What is expected from the property owner

An invitation for the property owner to meet / liaise with you


E) Letter to local, residents, neighbours, Community – Template

– to be delivered early in the project set up.

Dear local residents/community

We are aiming to / or have set up a Climate Emergency Centre

at ………………

We would like to reach out to you and invite you to visit or to  get involved in some way. We have a general open organising meeting for newcomers on monday at 7 pm. A  support  groups meeting on tues 7 pm.

The property has a number of useful rooms and space that could be used by the local community and groups in the area. We will be running a number of talks ,workshops and awareness and fundraising events in the space, community gardens etc. We are most interested in your ideas and involvement in the space……please pop in for a cup of tea  if you have some ideas and talk to one of the caretakers or email CEC…

Looking forward to building community with you

Best regards

CEC Community arts collective.


Tel .0777….


F) Letter asking businesses for help with  resources 

Hi local business

We are the (eg Community Arts Collective), we are setting up a CEC at ….address. It is a community run environmental project aimed at building community resilience and mutual support by bringing local groups together to share skills, resources and build new services and amenities and we would like your business to help. Anything you have to spare that you can donate would be much appreciated by the local community groups using the Centre. In particular, we are looking for… eg wood panels, stationary etc

Or words to this effect.

Yours gratefully

CAC Jo Smith


G ) Council letter  Template

Dear Council member


We are writing to you as a group of people in the area seeking your support to build an eco community project. We are aware that you have a strong history of advocating for sustainability in the [Borough/Town/County] and were one of the Councillors who successfully campaigned for the Declaration of a Climate Emergency locally [adjust if they have not declared, based on their voting record re other sustainable things- public transport, bike lanes, green spaces etc]. We expect that our Project will help you to meet the goals in the Council’s [Climate Action Plan/ sustainable development goals, or whatever your Council calls theirs] by involving people in building the resources and changes we need locally to become a strong, connected and resilient community. With this in mind we are looking to build a Climate Emergency Centre in a current empty building in the Borough/ Town. You can read more about how a Climate Emergency Centre works here- CEC Project- Brief Overview


Our Team currently represents several interested local groups, including [Transition Town, Mutual Aid, Repair Cafe, Students group, elderly group, XR, Greenpeace etc] and we are reaching out to others to build a broad and diverse base. The Borough/ Town/ County has strong concerns about our situation and the climate crisis we face, as evidenced by the presence of [various groups including any campaigns for specific ‘green’ issues locally], a local Extinction Rebellion group and the recent local school strikes. We believe this is the next step in gathering us together to build solutions that meet our community’s needs. We would love to meet with you to discuss our plans and how we can work together, and with local business/ property owners, to do this. Please contact us on….tel/email.


With hope and energy


The CEC Team!


H ) Letter to Local community  potential CE alliance groups Template 

Hi …….local group

We are the Climate Emergency Centre Collective of ….(City) we are working on setting up a Climate emergency Centre project space, we are looking for a vacant property in the city or we have found / acquired a space.

Our aim / purpose is to find / create an environmental community space that we can all work together on to find solutions to the climate crisis, supporting local issues, building community networks, sustainability and resilience.

It will be a space where we can share  access to space, resources, skills and knowledge and  build local mutual support networks.

We feel you are a vibrant and well respected group within the local community and would like your involvement in the project.

We would like to invite you  to the next Climate Emergency Alliance meeting date /time. For more info check our website www……..

Yours CEC Collective Email / Tel

I )  Generic list of up to 50 different groups that can be located in each town / city to be used to help build the Climate Emergency Alliance.

Local stakeholder mapping – look for groups in the following categories 


  1. Climate
  2. Environment
  3. Local community stakeholders
  4. Disability support groups
  5. Permaculture groups
  6. Recycling and reuse
  7. Vegetarian / vegan
  8. Youth groups
  9. Elders groups
  10. Women’s groups
  11. BAME groups
  12. LGBT groups
  13. Local scout groups
  14. Students
  15. Farmers and food providers
  16. Extinction Rebellion groups
  17. Friends of the Earth
  18. Greenpeace
  19. Theatre groups
  20. Dance groups
  21. Event production / party / sound systems
  22. Festival groups
  23. Gardening groups
  24. Health food shops
  25. Health and fitness projects
  26. Renewable energy groups
  27. Community currency groups
  28. Social media campaigns
  29. Local mainstream media outlets, Press TV radio and papers
  30. Local politicians
  31. Community leaders and influencers
  32. Music and promotion groups– Music declares
  33. Arts craft and culture groups
  34. Local schools and colleges
  35. Universities
  36. Mums and kids groups, Young parents
  37. Local campaigns and protest groups
  38. Youth climate strike
  39. Local hardware and building supplies companies – for Upcycled resources
  40. Local NGOs
  41. Charities
  42. Local Gov and council groups
  43. Faith groups
  44. Tech groups
  45. Film makers
  46. Greens
  47. Local council supported projects
  48. Grant and funding bodies
  49. Wildlife and conservation groups
  50. Tree planting groups

J ) Set up a clear recycling / reuse  system asap at beginning with these easily downloadable and printable signs template ……….

K  ) Eco Ethics – Eco  / Sustainability Policy – ethical and sustainable policy of CEC Groups using the space should have agreements to work toward eco principles and reducing their carbon footprint, ethical sourcing of materials  and human / animal / Earth Rights.

– a list can be provided  of local eco friendly businesses, suppliers and services.