“The establishment of empty buildings as inspirational community hubs for the benefit of people and planet.”

The Climate and Ecological Emergency is the defining issue of our time. We must #ActNow to mitigate the worst effects of the catastrophe and build community resilience.

Take Action Now

Your project self-funds by using a business model that enables owners of currently vacant business premises to reduce their Business Rates payments by 80-100% through ‘meanwhile leasing’ the property to a not for profit / charitable organisation (your CEC). This means your project can acquire a vacant property and also an income to fund your activities and educational workshops.

In addition, the property owner can build good relationships with the local community and the local Council through supporting a creative and positive sustainability initiative.

Creating Your Space for Community Solutions

Climate Emergency Centres (CECs) are a non-Group or movement specific project, that enables you to development a self-funding Centre that brings together diverse groups and individuals in your local community to build solutions, relationships and resilience in the face of the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

We will show you how to:

Help your community to create space to meet, plan, educate, train and adapt.

We’re here to help you on your journey.

Empty buildings are available and we’ve created a handbook to walk you through the steps need to identify, meanwhile lease and utilise empty spaces to create your hub to facilitate community action.

Over 25 Groups around the UK are now working to set up Climate Emergency Centres; bringing together the best energy knowledge and action into community space.

Take Action Now
  • We invite you to create an alliance of your local community and environmental groups who will take on the coordination and management of the building, with advice and support from the Space Generators charity and other groups.
  • These alliances support the sharing of resources, skills and knowledge so that groups can strengthen each other. You will be provided with a CEC Handbook supplied by the charity (please check out the menu and links above).
  • Your group of coordinators can choose to set themselves up autonomously as a legal entity (with guidance and links from the handbook)