• 8.1 Design and print your project brief main Leaflet ASAP this helps outreach and engagement, network it around local groups in the area and put it up in visible places of high footfall and key nodes of the local community e.g. libraries, shopping zones, other centres / projects etc. 
  • 8.2 Create a  networking area : table with  info racks, containing leaflets from local areas groups and projects. Displays, exhibitions, Multi media info screens e.g. tablets, LCD monitors – showing eco info, local community projects and groups, eco solutions, entertaining and informative short films. 
  • 8.3 Create a website, main contact phone number, project email / social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked in , SnapChat, A3/A4 Posters, put a beautiful well designed banner / signage  out front in a highly visible place.
  • 8.4 Remember face to face talking to people is probably the most important form of networking and the most effective. A phone call to someone is more likely to get results than numerous social media.
  • 8.5 Create a basic donations request letter to show to companies, shops , projects etc to get things donated for free to the community project. Food, paint , tools , equipment, furniture etc 
  • 8.6 Notice boards – external to the public and internal for events ,
    Displays : how project runs, Rotas , swap shop etc
  • 8.7 Display Prominently – Things we need / WISH list – it has really worked over the decades  eg – People to help, food, paint, tools, furniture, rope, tents, flapjack, chocolate, cake, art materials, books, electric vehicle, solar panels, old bikes, computers, cuddly toy, washing machine! The community will bring you what is needed, also check Freecycle 
  • 8.8 Display Prominently a ‘Things to do list’  /  jobs etc…a clear list of jobs to do / missions / skills needed.People will see how they can get involved and help easier eg cook a meal, gardening, sign up for a rota shift, organise library / free shop, fix a bike,share skills, fix roof, clean toilets, admin, graphic design help, volunteer etc etc

8.9 Liaison / outreach to  neighbours / community – very important to reach out to communicate and befriend local neighbours groups and businesses. Go out with a project leaflet and explain what you are doing and ask them to help. Its for all the community and all future generations important that we ACT NOW and COOPERATE – THIS IS A CLIMATE EMERGENCY