“The establishment of empty buildings as inspirational community hubs for the benefit of people and planet.”

Our mission is to come together and build relationships in a common space. Sharing resources, skills and ideas to build community resilience and adaptation to multiple crises.

Climate Emergency Centres (CECs) are a non-Group or movement specific project that enables the development of a self-funding Centre that brings together diverse groups and individuals in the local community to build solutions, relationships and resilience in the face of the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

The Climate Emergency Centres (CEC) project has grown out of 30 years of grassroots environmental community centre projects, which began in 1992 after the Rio Earth Summit.

At this critical time for our planet what is needed is the spaces and infrastructure to help people connect and gather resources to take action for a sustainable future. We aim to on-board every Council that has declared a Climate Emergency (300+ in the UK) to support its local communities to set up self-funding climate emergency and solutions centres in every area. These Centres will work to improve community resilience by supporting local mitigation and adaptation to the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Take Action Now

Local communities create an alliance of groups and identify a vacant building, either owned by the Council or a private developer, that can be used for a Climate Emergency Centre (CEC).